Hot Dog Cart



Hot Dog cart ONLY. (Please be aware this item is considered an “Add-on” item. All “Add-on” items are reserved for Inflatable rentals and cannot be rented alone or with other “Add-on” items).



This Old Fashioned Hot Dog Vending Cart with Umbrella is the classic way to serve up delicious hot dogs at Birthday parties, pool parties, barbecues and other special gatherings. This cart has a great vintage feel, and has plenty of space for holding condiments, buns, and meat for a tasty hot dog.

  • Stainless steel rollers rotate to cook up to 8 hot dogs at a time
  • Easily adjustable temperature controls
  • Insulated beverage cooler keeps drinks ice cold
  • 3 small trays warmers for buns
  • 2 warming trays to make steamed hot dogs and keep hot dogs and buns warm
  • Utility shelf acts as a sneeze guard & holds napkins, utensil and condiments
  • Handy side shelf for extra workspace
  • Includes large umbrella for protection from the sun


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