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In the years we’ve been in business there is one review we take to heart. Ricky and his family were wonderful and a testament to the goodness still out there. It’s because of people like Ricky and countless others we go above and beyond to show how much your support means to us.

Thank you to all of you who take the time in supporting us with your review.

.Ricky S.

Ricky S.

Miami, Fl.


WHERE ARE STARS 6-100? Because 5 stars just doesn’t cut it when reviewing Just Bounce Miami. I am still, as I sit here today, the day after my daughter’s wildly successful 7th birthday party, stunned at the service we received and the utter quality of the product we chose. Let me tell you a story.

We rented 3 inflatables and a popcorn machine and Chris from the outset took a very personal and interested approach to the party. He volunteered to meet us at the venue to ensure that on the day of the party there would be no sudden issues or unforeseen surprises. Then, two days before the party, we received word that we were going to be unfortunately kicked out of our space and had to relocate the event.

As someone shopping for Bounce House rentals, dear reader, I have no doubt that you understand the general professionalism in the Miami area when it comes to party rental companies. It can be impossible to get them to return your phone calls at all, much less in an emergency situation. That is why Chris and Just Bounce Miami stand so far ahead of the pack – he is instantly reachable, always eager to help, super flexible and everything else you would appreciate during what’s otherwise a pretty stressful process.

He and his staff are punctual, personable and definitely professional. I have NEVER seen a company set up and then spend an hour HAND CLEANING the entire surface area of three big inflatables. I’m telling you, the sight of these guys at the top of an 18 foot slide hand spraying and wiping every inch of vinyl . . . it was enough to bring a tear to this jaded dad’s eye.

In a world where no one gives a thought to your happiness and satisfaction as a customer, Chris and Just Bounce Miami have and display a genuine concern for your happiness as a human being, no BS. I never in a million years thought that I’d gain hope for humanity from a party rental company, but we’ve thrown 15 parties in our time as parents, and in this city, 100% of the companies you work with are stinking, utter garbage – but now, it’s only 99%.